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Know Your Sockets

Check out our guide below for more information on the available socket types you can choose for your power and data modules. 



UK Fused Socket

Each UK Fused Socket comes complete with a 3.5A fuse. These sockets can power the majority of electronics devices. The added security of the fuse helps to protect you’re your items from surges. The UK fused socket is standard with most of our products – the non-fused option being available on special request only. The UK socket is also suitable for use in the United Arab Emirates.


The TUF-R socket is an advanced dual USB charging solution. The TUF-R connector automatically adjusts to match your device, giving you the most optimum charging power. The TUF-R module features a traditional rectangular USB-A and the new rounded USB-C shape. USB-C is currently being adopted by all major electronics suppliers as the gold-standard of charging and data connections. Apple products such as the MacBook and iPad Pro can charge directly from our TUF-R USB-C port without the need of a UK plug.


Our HDMI throughput sockets are simple to use and give you a clean and easily accessible way to plug in your multimedia devices. Simply connect your output device into back of the HDMI module and it will become available through the socket on your OM Electrics system. Great for lecture halls, schools and offices that require a projector or secondary monitor.


Our RJ45 LAN ports are available in both Cat5e and Cat6 speed standards. Ports are available un-shuttered as standard; however, a shutter can be added for extra protection of the port. Many of our RJ45 ports are available in twin configurations, allowing for two devices to access the internet out of the same module.

USB (Data Only)

A traditional USB-A port is available for the transfer of data. This throughput connection is ideal for the transfer of data to a hidden or hard-to-reach computer – such as in a lecture hall. Simply connect your USB device and it will be read by your system.


Simply connect your VGA output device to the underside of your module and use the VGA port on your OM Electrics system as a throughput. Great for laptops and PCs to connect to projectors, monitors and displays.

Stereo 3.5mm Audio Jack

Use your OM Electrics module as an audio throughput. Simply connect your audio system to the device and use a 3.5mm aux cord to play audio. Great for meeting rooms, lecture halls and reception areas. A combination VGA/3.5mm Audio port is available on request.

UK Socket (No Fuse)

Available by special request, an unfused UK socket can be fitted to your OM Electrics module.

USA/Japanese Socket

Great for visiting business guests, an American socket can be specified in order to bring easily accessible power to your visitors without the need for a cumbersome adaptor. A power convertor is required for electronics running at a different frequency than in the UK, for more information please do not hesitate to get in touch. USA sockets are also the same socket as used in Japan.

French/Belgian Socket

Impress your business guests with an easily available socket on the boardroom table for their electrical devices. A French/Belgian socket can be installed by special request.

Schuko (European) Socket

The most widely adopted plug socket type in European countries, the Schuko socket is a great addition for a boardroom table or waiting area. Impress your foreign guests by providing a European socket to allow them to power or charge their devices without the need of a cumbersome adaptor.

Danish Socket

Great for Danish visitors, a proprietary Danish socket is available on request from OM Electrics. The Danish socket is known for looking like a happy face.

Italian Socket

The Italian 3 pin socket is unique in its straight, utilitarian shape. Although uncommon even in Italy for laptops and personal electronics, the Italian 3 pin plug is available on request when specifying your OM Electrics power module.